Peru will promote consumption of avocados in China

ProHass, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Palta Hass del Peru, seeks to promote this fruit in China. According to Arturo Medina, manager of ProHass, it is expected that by 2019 the campaign is already in force, however, this depends in large part on the voluntary contributions made by the partner companies, since they determine the size of the budget.

For many Chinese consumers, the avocado is a really exotic fruit, and the promotional activities help to encourage its purchase by highlighting that the fruit is highly healthy and nutritious.

ProHass carries out promotional activities annually in the United States and Europe obtaining increases in the demand for Hass Avocado and suggest the same procedure in China because they know how difficult it is to introduce a new food to the daily diet of people, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated, promotion is the surest way to raise exports.

In the case of the United States, ProHass has invested close to one million dollars annually for the last 12 years through the PAC, Peruvian Avocado Commission, while in Europe, promotion spending has been shared with South Africa, with the contributions of both countries to 2.5 million dollars and being managed by the World Avocado Organization, WAO.

The oversupply of Hass avocados introduced this year caused prices to fall despite the fact that demand grew by 47%, said the manager of the technical area of ​​ProHass, Víctor Escobedo. In addition, other exporting countries coincided in the dates of shipments, aggravating the price decrease.

Escobedo recommends making a schedule of export dates for the next campaign in order not to overlap with the dispatches of other trading countries already positioned and those of new countries such as Colombia. For Peru to stand out among its competitors, Escobedo recommends exceeding them in quality.

In turn, says that there are countries where the consumption of avocado per person does not reach or 500 grams and are already making shipments of Hass avocados, so one of the goals is to increase their consumption among the population and Escobedo thinks that the key to doing so is providing fruits of the highest quality.

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