Mango harvest forecasts – 2019/2020 season

We are about to start a new mango harvest season so the forecasts are no longer waiting. The Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters, APEM, directed by Juan Carlos Rivera Ortega, indicated that for this new 2019/2020 campaign, Peruvian exports of fresh mango are expected to reach 217 thousand tons.

Rivera’s statements were given during the XVIII International Congress of Peruvian Mango, held in the city of Piura. In addition, the APEM General Manager added that for this new season an increase of 27.6% is expected compared to the previous 2018/2019 campaign where only 170 thousand tons of fresh mango were exported.

If the APEM predictions were fulfilled, it would be reaching a historical mark in Peruvian mango exports. Since the 270 thousand tons would exceed 204 thousand tons exported during the 2017/2018 campaign.

For Rivera, favorable weather conditions are decisive for this new Peruvian mango production campaign, as well as the production and logistics conditions of each mango harvesting company in Peru.

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