Mango season 2018-2019 releases first statistics

Until November 18, the mango season 2018 – 2019, has been exported some 2 thousand 360 tons of fresh fruit, slightly less than the amount obtained last season when it reached 2 thousand 255 tons.

The APEM, Association of Producers and Exporters of Peruvian Mango, was the institution that revealed the statistics of the current season, which has been dispatching the early harvests to the United States, Chile, Canada and England; comprising 27%, 22%, 20% and 19% of the total shipments, respectively.

The seaway has become the most used means of shipments of fresh mangoes since of the 2 thousand 360 tons, 888 were exported in this way. Of the remaining tons, 762 were sent by air and the last 710 by land.

Among the most export companies of mangos by sea, are Jumar Peru, in first position, with 38% of shipments; Export in second place with 22%, Agrocosta in the third position with 11% and Agrowasi with 8%. Regarding shipments by air, Passion Fresh company accounted for 17% as well as Best Fruits, followed by the company Sobifruits with 13%.

These statistics only indicate the beginning of the season, said APEM representatives, who know the projections that determine that 20% less mangoes will be exported than the 2017 – 2018 season, which translates into 171 thousand tons.


Only in week 46 of this season, some thousand tons of frozen mango were exported, being the most commercializing companies Tropical Farm with 46% of the total shipments, followed by Virú SA with 15%, Frozen Food with 10% and Agroworld with 7%.

In terms of destinations, Germany stood out in orders for frozen mango as it imported 50% of total shipments, while the United States and the Netherlands only asked for 15% each, South Korea was left with 9% and England got 7%.

The commercialization of canned mango reached 355 tons, 5 times more than the amount shipped in the same period of the 2017-2018 season.

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