Ing. Jose Luis Sánchez


  • Valle Grande Rural Institute. Cañete – Lima (2007 – 2009).
  • Graduate of Agricultural Engineering from the National University San Luis Gonzaga of Ica (2010 – 2014).


Fundo La Calera – Chincha – Alto Larán 2007

  • Phytosanitary evaluation of mandarin variety Satsuma Okitsu and Satsuma Owari.

Complejo Agroindustrial Beta S.A – Fundos Chincha – Chincha Baja 2008 – 2009.

  • Phytosanitary and phenological evaluation in the Hass avocado variety.
  • Monitoring of work of the crop.

Fundo Agrica SAC – ICA – 2013

  • Phytosanitary evaluation of table grape variety Red Globe, Superior and Flame.
  • Application monitoring

Agrícola El Ciruelo – Alto Larán – Chincha 2009 – 2015.

Advice on handling the cultivation of Palto variety hass for export from 2009 to the present.

  • Development of nutrition programs, agronomic work, irrigation and phytosanitary control by campaigns.

Complejo Agroindustrial Beta S.A. – Fundos Chincha – Chincha Baja 2015.

Head of health of the citrus crop variety Satsuma Okitsu and Owari – Hass variety avocado.

  • Development of control programs for pests and diseases.
  • Development of work programs for evaluators and application supervisors.
  • Cost review Training of the Personnel in charge.

Vivero los Viñedos SAC – Chincha Baja – Chincha 2016 to the present

Production manager of fruit trees, citrus fruits, olive trees, pomegranates, pecans, cherry trees, etc.

  • Preparation of the anual work plan for the fruit trees in question.
  • Production costs production in each crop.
  • Training and personnel management.

Agrícola hermanos Bernales SAC Rooms – Guadalupe – Ica 2017

Consultant in the cultivation of avocados until today handling avocados of different ages.

  • Preparation of annual budgets.
  • Preparation of annual work plan for both fertirrigation, health, agronomic work.
  • Supervision and management of the company’s technical staff.

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